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Sites that work hard, so you don’t have to..!

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Local Rate +44 (0) 844 5678 700 


Aberdeen +44 (0) 1224 493 778 

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About what makes us different…

Learn about the newest most cost effective way to have the website, web-directory or ecommerce store you need built for you today.

Earn revenue online that pays for your site..!
Hire a site today at a fraction of the build cost..!

We specialise in building web sites that generate income for you as your business grows


Our Specialist Skills

100% Of sites we build - contain integrated business solutions saving you time or generating revenue for your business

96 % Of sites we build - Include all necessary features built in as standard

99 % Of sites we build - exceed our customers requirements & expectations


A bow with many strings

Every single website we develop has one thing in common. They all generate income independently of the site’s main business from the offset. Every site should pay for itself..!

Our secret formula

Every site we build is custom designed to meet your visitors’ needs. Style, layout, colour schemes & content are perfectly matched to attract & keep your visitors with you.

Everyone's a winner

Buy or hire one of our sites to meet your needs. We offer fully managed sites with no build or development costs for hire or lease.  12 / 24 / 36 & 60 month terms now available.



                                      Call us : 0844 5678 700

Use our low cost telephone number above to talk with a developer today





Design that travels well - Using Less Energy

Our sites are fully optimised from the ground up using less resources to view and manage. Go green with us - our sites deliver content with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Responsive Designs For All Devices

Our web sites adapt to your device and browser automatically. this makes every handheld or portable device owner your next potential site visitor

Fluid Video & Multimedia Playback

High resolution, streaming video content is possible today. Scroll down a bit further and you'll see what we mean. Now imaging that's your sites background... Amazing eh

View Or Order from our entire range of live online products and services available now..!


Actual 'Days' to build

Site Developers

Running Cost Per/Mth

Cups of coffees

View our list of services below

We made this site in just 8 days...

We have the latest new technology and web platforms at our disposal. Today web developers can focus more on a sites visual presentation rather than having to spend weeks wading through ever evolving source code. Tested bolt on apps and verified site plugins make building a breeze

Website Development Platforms

We provide & support dozens of web building platforms to meet the needs of any type of website you can think of

Web space / Site hosting

We provide unlimited webspace for your website(s) as part of all of our web platform packages as standard

Domain name registration

As standard we provide .co.uk / .com / . net domain names free with every website we develop – Join us & secure yours

Email & Webmail

We provide unlimited email & web mail accounts with our sites as part of all of our web platform packages

Self managed Or Assisted websites

We can host, build & develop a site for you and teach you how to manage it or you can have us manage it for you

Live Support & Training

We really shine at being able to right there for you when you need us. Our live support team is never far away



  • Paid Banner Advertising

  • Free & Featured listings

  • Paid subscription upgrades

Platform Prices

Call us for build or site hire costs, add your platfom and your live

Personal site / blog


Per / Month

    • 1 off set-up fee £ 29.95
    • Free .co.uk domain name
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Site Webspace
    • 30 days *free live call support
    • WordPress Site / Blog  installed
    • 1000′s Of FREE WordPress Themes
    • Unlimited Online Customer Support
    • 1/2 hour – Live remote site use training


Business Platform


Per / Month

    • 1 off set-up fee £ 75.00
    • Free .co.uk/.com /net domain name
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Site Webspace
    • 60 days *free live call support
    • Business site platform installation
    • Custom Site Build & Development
    • Site Content Protection / ScrapeShield
    • Google Site Listing & Live Analytics
    • Unlimited Online Customer Support
    • 1  hours – Live remote site use training


High Security Platform


Per / Month

    • 1 off set-up fee £ 250.00
    • Free .co.uk/.com /net domain name
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Site Webspace
    • 180 days *free live call support
    • Secured site platform installation
    • Custom site build & development
    • Auto site update management
    • Auto site website backups
    • Hacking protection via firewall
    • Google site listing & live analytics
    • Mal-ware & scanning protection
    • Unlimited online customer support
    • 2.5 hours – Live remote site use training





To celebrate the launch of our new site – All existing customers can now upgrade any previous web site (including INSTANT SITES) to a brand new one on any platform below & we’ll discount the cost of your old site build off cost of the new one…

Simply signup to one of our business platform or above to qualify now & we’ll start building your new site today!


* Free live call support consists of non-chargeable tech support provided directly via our local rate 0844 567 8700 number between the hours of 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday-Friday (Public holidays not included) – See terms and conditions for full details. Out of hours live tech support is only available at our premium (UK)  PC / Web / Live Remote Technical Support Rates.




Local Rate +44 (0) 844 5678 700 


Aberdeen +44 (0) 1224 493 778 

Web Url